To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

Warwick A Arden
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Ingrid R. Schmidt
Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs and Director of Study Abroad

Subject: Student International Travel,and Approval of Study Abroad
Date: April 13, 2017

Student International Travel, and Approval of Study Abroad

DATE: April 13, 2017

In order to encourage further growth in both the scope and variety of NC State’s international engagement in a safe and compliant manner, it is important that faculty, staff, and students take advantage of NC State’s institutional resources to support education abroad. Furthermore, as the University’s global engagement continues to increase, it is important to centralize efforts in the coordination of these international programs, particularly for liability and risk management purposes.

Therefore, on February 14, 2017 NC State issued Reg 02.55.01 (Student International Travel and Approval of Study Abroad) which can be found here: Travel and Approval of Study Abroad)

  • to designate the Study Abroad Office (SAO) as the coordinator for all NC State study abroad programs and activities, and
  • to designate the SAO as responsible for tracking all University-affiliated student international travel.

Beginning with departures on or after May 10, 2017, all NC State students traveling outside of the United States and its territories on University-affiliated activities must provide information to the SAO prior to travel, and follow approved processes. This is critical for risk management purposes, and will ensure that the University can provide timely emergency response and other support services.

Travelers must contact the SAO at least a month in advance if proposing travel to locations for which the U.S. Department of State (DOS) has issued a Travel Warning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Warning Level 3, or NC State has restricted travel to the area. This will allow time for review and approval of their plans.

A new International Travel Gateway ( has been developed to collect student travel information on non-credit activities abroad. FAQ and details about this simple, one-step process are available on the SAO website found here:

Students engaged in credit-bearing activities abroad will continue to use the study abroad application relevant to their type of program. This includes credit-bearing internships, research, service-learning, independent study, and short trips embedded in on-campus courses, as well as the more typical semester exchange or faculty-led group programs.

Graduate students engaged in research or conferences abroad are eligible for full support through the study abroad application process. However, they may choose more limited support through the International Travel Gateway ( if they are: (1) not traveling as part of a group of three or more accompanied by a faculty or staff member, (2) not enrolled in a course related specifically to their activity abroad, and (3) not prohibited by their Dean or Department Head from choosing the International Travel Gateway.

All students traveling outside the U.S. on University-affiliated activities are required to purchase international travel insurance with the provider contracted by the UNC system, to gain access to emergency assistance and evacuation support networks. This excellent, very low cost, zero-deductible insurance requires no up-front payment or reimbursement claims when using network providers throughout the world. Only international students traveling to their home country may request approval to waive the insurance requirement if desired.

With these processes in place, NC State will confidently continue to encourage increased international engagement at all levels. This will help us meet Goal 5 in the University’s strategic plan, to enhance global and local partnerships, and to ensure that all students have safe access to the benefits of an international experience.

Please contact the Study Abroad Office ( with any questions, or to request a consultation or presentation.

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Subject Student International Travel,and Approval of Study Abroad

Warwick A Arden
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Ingrid R. Schmidt
Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs and Director of Study Abroad

Fiscal Year
Effective Date April 13, 2017
Category Academic Affairs