To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

W. Randolph Woodson

Subject: Office of Finance and Administration
Date: May 11, 2015

With the upcoming transition of leadership due to Charles Leffler’s retirement, the timing seemed appropriate to move forward with a change that had been discussed for some time. To better reflect the continuing evolution of services, responsibilities and scope of the Office for Finance and Business, the office is renamed the Office for Finance and Administration effective immediately.

This name is more standardly used at the national level and will better represent the portfolio of work to prospective candidates. During Vice Chancellor Leffler’s tenure, the office has broadened its focus on creating the platform for public-private partnerships with Centennial Campus Development, launching shared services through University Business Operations, and consolidating auxiliary operations under Campus Enterprises, as just a few examples.

The office will begin transitioning to the new name immediately, and the recruitment for the new position will be as Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. I request that you update your references to the office as well.

Thank you.

cc: Charles D. Leffler, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business

3D Memo Information

Subject Office of Finance and Administration

W. Randolph Woodson

Fiscal Year
Effective Date May 11, 2015
Category Chancellor