To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

Warwick A Arden
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Chair, University Space Committee

Subject: Space / Lease Request Process
Date: August 5, 2015

SUBJECT: Space / Lease Request Process

The University Space Committee makes all allocations of university space with the exception for space in Holladay Hall. The Space Principles adopted by the committee are the basis for space allocation decisions ( principles.php). All requests for new space, leased space, reallocation of space or change in use of space will now be made by completing a Space Request Form and submitting to the committee. However, the Local Space Committees are required to assure that all avenues to solving a space need within the college/division have been explored before forwarding a space recommendation to their respective Dean or Vice Chancellor for submission to the University Space Committee.

In an effort to streamline the process and increase convenience, the Space Request Form and the Lease Request Form have been combined into a single application. The new Space / Lease Request Form is attached for your convenience and may also be downloaded from the University Space Committee’s website: NCSU_SpaceReq.pdf. The new Space Request Form can also be accessed through the University Architect and University Real Estate websites.

Effective immediately, please ensure you use the new form, which is distinguishable by the NC State logo. Request forms must be signed; unsigned forms will not be processed.  Please note that any lease with a non-university entity must be processed through the Real Estate Office.

Thank you for assisting us in managing space effectively on campus.


cc: University Space Committee

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Subject Space / Lease Request Process

Warwick A Arden
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Chair, University Space Committee

Fiscal Year
Effective Date August 5, 2015
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