To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

W. Randolph Woodson

Subject: Reporting Misuse/Damage of State Property
Date: August 18, 2017

I am writing to remind you of a mandatory reporting requirement under North Carolina General Statute §143B-920, which requires each agency head to promptly report suspected misuse of state property to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). Employees are to report misuse within three (3) business days of discovery to their supervisor, University Police, Internal Audit or to the Office of General Counsel.

The term “misuse” is defined broadly to mean damage or vandalism (such as graffiti or broken windows); fraud, theft or embezzlement of money; hacking of computer systems; unauthorized use of property (such as office equipment, research supplies, tools and state vehicles) for non-university business or personal use; and arson.

I have designated Eileen Goldgeier, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel, as the university contact with the SBI for this purpose. As soon as you become aware of a misuse of State property, please report it so that a timely investigation may be taken by the Office of Internal Audit and/or University Police and a report may then be submitted to the SBI within ten (10) business days, if necessary. The regulation that governs reporting misuse of state property is located at

For more information, refer to the frequently asked questions on the Office of General Counsel’s website. It is important that each dean, director and department head disseminate this information to all of their respective employees. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of General Counsel at 919-515-3071.

3D Memo Information

Subject Reporting Misuse/Damage of State Property

W. Randolph Woodson

Fiscal Year
Effective Date August 18, 2017
Category Chancellor