To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

W. Randolph Woodson

Subject: Annual Secondary Employment Approval
Date: October 16, 2016

Annual Secondary Employment Approval

DATE: October 21, 2016

University employees who are subject to the State Human Resources Act (SHRA) must comply with the state of North Carolina’s policy on Secondary Employment. “Secondary Employment” is work or services provided that produces income and is performed for an entity outside of the University.  This includes self-employment. Work that is performed for another state of North Carolina agency or university is covered by the state’s policy on Dual Employment.

To ensure that work performed outside of the University does not have an adverse effect on the employee’s ability to perform all expected duties for the State and does not create a direct or indirect, real or perceived, conflict of interest, the policy mandates that employees must obtain supervisory approval before engaging in any secondary or outside employment. Approval is obtained by using the Request for Approval of Secondary Employment form.  Supervisors may withdraw approval of secondary employment at any time if the employment has an adverse impact on the employee’s ability to perform all duties, make decisions, and/or carry out their responsibilities in an objective fashion.

Securing approval is the responsibility of the employee and approval for recurring secondary employment must be updated on at least an annual basis. The form must be signed by the immediate supervisor and the department head (as the Chancellor’s designee).  The form must be maintained in the employee’s departmental personnel file by October 31 each year. Please communicate this requirement to your employees and supervisors to help ensure that SHRA employees have submitted requests and received approvals as required.

Questions may be directed to Human Resources’ Talent Solutions at (919) 515-2135.


Human Resource’s website information on Secondary Employment

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